It’s time to trade out that low interest rate mortgage for a high interest rate Reverse Mortgage

You read the title correctly!  If you have been on the fence about getting a reverse mortgage now is the time to get serious about it. Why would you possibly trade in a regular 30 year fixed loan at say 3% or even 4% for a higher interest rate Reverse Mortgage?  The straight answer is… [Read More]

FREE Reverse Mortgage HECM Counseling in October!

Free Reverse Mortgage Counseling

If you are ready to get a Reverse Mortgage, Counseling is the first step. Money Management International is offering ALL Arizona & California homeowners FREE HECM Counseling all October! There is a batch of documents you need for counseling of which you can ONLY get through someone like me (ie, License Mortgage Professional)! That packet… [Read More]

If you’re a Senior 65 or over did you know you may be able to freeze your Property Value…

Recently you should have received your Property Tax Assessment from the County in which you live. Seniors who fall into the qualifying criteria below can freeze their PROPERTY VALUE for 3 years and then can reapply if they are still eligible. BENEFIT: To Freeze the Limited Property Value of your Primary Residence. Should you qualify… [Read More]