Traci L. Ranic – Mortgage Broker & Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Traci Ranic - Frontier Financial of Arizona - Reverse Mortgage Expert Prescott Arizona

Traci Ranic was born & raised in upstate New York in the rural town of Boston.  From an early age, her Father instilled in her the importance of hard work, living within a budget and saving for retirement. She loves to tell the story about when her Dad asked her [when she was 9 years old] “why do you save for retirement?”.   She never forgot that question and started saving when she was 16. She has always lived within a budget and is a firm believer in paying yourself first, which means saving for retirement. The seed her Dad planted so many years ago has blossomed into a successful career as a Mortgage Broker. This profession allows her the ability to plant the retirement seed with everyone she meets.

After 14 years of primarily offering conventional loans (the ones all homeowners are familiar with), Traci added the Reverse Mortgage to her list of loan options for her clients. She consults with Seniors and their family on how a reverse mortgage can help them gain financial independence in retirement, while protecting their assets. She feels this program is paramount to a well-rounded plan for retirement.   With it, you have a better chance of having more than enough money for retirement. Without it, you could fall short leaving very few options when times get tough.

Contact Traci:
Office: 928-202-4270
Cell: 916-813-4213

Larry Larsen – Realtionship Development

Larry Larsen Frontier Financial of Arizona

For more than 30 years, Larry Larsen has been working in the areas of Lead Generation, Referral Partner and Relationship Development.

For the last 22 years he has applied a large percentage of his services to the Mortgage Banking and Real Estate Industries.

Larry’s position with Frontier Financial of Arizona as the Relationship Developer allows him to apply many aspects of his contact management career.  These include the building of sales contact tracking tools, the development of co-marketing associations and the ongoing maintenance of existing customer, client, and referral partner relationships.

He is now paying it forward as the keeper of the DREAM (Developing Referrals & Elevating A-Team Mastery)

D.R.E.A.M.   Mastery Training is a training program for professionals who network.

We want to modernize the way you think about networking and change the way you network, helping you to Maximizing your relationship development for the most powerful referral partners.

Contact Larry:
Cell: 916-715-9348

Stephanie Cardona – Marketing & Administration

Stephanie Cardona - Frontier Financial of Arizona Prescott

Stephanie has been in marketing and graphic design for over 10 years. She works along side both Traci and Larry to help with the overall success of Frontier Financial of Arizona and their commitment to participating in the community through networking and business.

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