Building a Retirement Portfolio with Real Estate

There was a time when saving for retirement was primarily about investing in a 401K or IRA.  If you were lucky enough to have worked for a company for a long time, you may also receive a pension. You also would get a little bit of income from social security. I know for people like my Dad, these income sources plus good debt management has allowed for him to live comfortably in his golden years.

But times have changed!   It’s unrealistic to expect a pension not only because many employers don’t offer them but because American’s are changing jobs several times during their career.   Those whose employers offer a 401K and/or IRA have a difficult time putting at least 10% of their earnings into savings.  Additionally, financial independence takes decades to build. Unless we were taught to start young (like when we were 20!) most of us will fall short of having enough money to get us through retirement.

What most people don’t know is that you can build a retirement account with Real Estate!  This industry has so much more to offer than just being a landlord.   There are investments that are nearly hands off and there are some that require physical labor. The good thing is that there is something for everyone; you just need to figure out what fits your short & long term financial goals.

If you are employed and have time before you need your investments to pay you, buying rental properties (either commercial or residential) can be a great source for future income.  Studies show that when held over the long term (20 + years), appreciation and rental income out-beat the stock market.  Other long term investments include buying into mortgage notes or buying tax liens.

If you need cash flow now, there are host of Real Estate investments that could provide you that. Those include wholesaling property, fix & flips and lending your own money.

Like any good Financial Advisor will tell you, a diversified portfolio is important along with proper allocation in each investment class. There are several Real Estate Investor groups in our area and some excellent professionals to help you get started. 

Traci Ranic is a Mortgage Broker with Frontier Financial of Arizona and has been originating mortgage loans since 2001. Her office is in the Prescott Country Club on Old Chisholm Trail

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