Free Reverse Mortgage Counseling
If you are ready to get a Reverse Mortgage, Counseling is the first step. Money Management International is offering ALL Arizona & California homeowners FREE HECM Counseling all October!
There is a batch of documents you need for counseling of which you can ONLY get through someone like me (ie, License Mortgage Professional)! That packet includes the approved list of Counseling Agencies along with the loan information specific to you and your property.
If I haven’t done a proposal for you yet, either call or email me with
  1. Birth dates of each homeowner
  2. Estimated Value of your home
  3. City & State
  4. Type of property (Site built, condo or manufactured home)
  5. The total amount owed against the property.
With that information, I will get you the information you need right away.
If you have already received a proposal from me but need the numbers updated, let me know and I will get it right to you.
Dedicated to your Success!
Traci Ranic – NMLS 17167
Frontier Financial of Arizona
Mortgage Broker & Planner
Direct: 928-202-4270
Cell/Text: 916-813-4213
Fax: 480-295-7648

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